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In today’s blog post I will share with You my expertise about Birth Flowers. I love making floral tattoos and this topic is especially close to my heart. Every month has a unique flower ( or more as we’ll find out ) that is a representation of it, creating something like a floral horoscope. Probably most people are aware of their horoscope sign. You were Born on the 14 th of June? Obviously – TWINS! But do You know what Your Birth Flower is? Let’s dive into the sea of those beautiful plants and discover the connections between every month and the BIRTH FLOWERS


Here is the list of the most common associations ( Please keep in mind that it might vary among different cultures or regions ).


  • 1. January:
    • Carnation: Symbolizing fascination and admiration.
    • Snowdrop: Representing hope and beauty in the language of flowers, snowdrops are small, white blossoms that often bloom in winter.
  • 2. February:
    • Violet: Violets are associated with loyalty and faithfulness.
    • Primrose: Symbolizing young love and new beginnings, primroses are delicate, colorful flowers.
  • 3. March:
    • Daffodil: Representing rebirth and new beginnings, daffodils are often associated with the arrival of spring.
    • Jonquil: Similar in appearance to daffodils, jonquils also symbolize spring and are a type of narcissus.
  • 4. April:
    • Daisy: Daisies are symbols of innocence and purity, and they come in various colors.
    • Tulips : Symbol of love. Is there something more important?
    • Sweet Pea: Representing blissful pleasure, sweet peas are fragrant and often used to symbolize delicate or fleeting pleasures.
  • 5. May:
    • Lily of the Valley: Symbolizing sweetness and humility, lily of the valley is known for its delicate white, bell-shaped flowers.
    • Hawthorn: Representing hope and supreme happiness, hawthorn blossoms are often used in May celebrations.


Second Half of the Year


  • 6. June:
    • Rose: Roses are symbols of love, love, love! 
    • Lavender: Symbolize healing, peace of mind and grace.
    • Honeysuckle: Representing bonds of love, honeysuckle is known for its sweet fragrance and twining vines.
  • 7. July:
    • Larkspur: Symbolizing levity and lightness, larkspurs are tall. 
    • Water Lily: Representing purity and majesty, water lilies are often found in calm waters.
  • 8. August:
    • Gladiolus: Symbolizing strength and moral integrity, gladioli are tall, dramatic flowers often used in arrangements.
    • Poppy: Representing remembrance and consolation.
  • 9. September:
    • Aster: Symbolizing love, wisdom, and faith.
    • Morning Glory: Representing affection and mortality, morning glories are known for their vibrant, trumpet-shaped blooms.
  • 10. October:
    • Marigold: Symbolizing passion and creativity, marigolds are often associated with festivals and celebrations.
    • Cosmos: Representing order, harmony, and balance.
  • 11. November:
    • Chrysanthemum: Symbolizing loyalty and friendship.
    • Peony: Representing honor and wealth, peonies are large, fragrant flowers often associated with prosperity.
  • 12. December:
    • Narcissus: Symbolizing self-love and vanity, narcissus is associated with the myth of Narcissus in Greek mythology.
    • Holly: Representing happiness and optimism, holly is often associated with the holiday season.


Do You know all of these flowers? Have You been aware of Your own BirthFlower? 


I would love to hear from You! 

And by the way … a bouquet made of birth flowers of Your family members, or friends could be ( and very often is ) a beautiful, meaningful and very personal idea for a tattoo 🙂 


With love, 

Natalie Vadelma



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