How the healing process looks like?


Healing of Your Tattoo!


You already got a beautiful tattoo in Vadelma Studio. You are happy, satisfied, probably a bit tired, but You know that it was worth it! We wrapped Your tattoo with the SECOND SKIN foil ( Dermalize ), gave You the aftercare cream, told you all the important instructions and You went home. Now (especially with the first tattoo) You start to wonder what Your life will look like in the upcoming weeks. Typical thoughts : “I was so excited, for sure I will forget something! What if the foil starts to peel off sooner than recommended time? No sauna for such a long time, how could it be legal ?! Maybe it will be good to take a couple of days off and take proper care of the new tattoo? “


Isn’t that true to some degree? 


Let’s imagine what usually happens when Your tattoo is peacefully healing! Let us take You for a small journey with a fictional, but realistic customer named Olivia. She got her first flower tattoo, from our available designs https://vadelma.eu/available-projects/ .


Ship’s logbook Day 1.


“Well, it wasn’t that bad. To be honest, the tattoo looks greater than I expected. Better that way, hah.” – Olivia texted her best friend Flora after she left Vadelma Studio. – “I am a bit hungry, wanna go out and eat something with me?” Was the second DM. “Sure! Always! I can’t wait to see Your tattoo.” – Flora answered immediately. They met in an Italian restaurant, ordered two pizzas and orange juice. No wine or beer. Olivia reminded herself about avoiding alcohol for a view days after the session. “Better to stick with the recommendations. I want to have my tattoo healed perfectly!” – she thought. While waiting for pizzas, Olivia gave a detailed report about her experience in Vadelma Studio and showed her brand new Poppies Tattoo to Flora.


“Wow!!! It’s beautiful! I looooove it! So detailed!” –


Shouted Flora, maybe too loud and some other people looked at her with curiosity. Olivia smiled, said thank You and started her story. 

“You know.. I was a little bit nervous and excited at the same time about the whole thing. First tattoo, like the first day at school, first job and so on. I think I am always anxious about the first things, about the unknown. But it turned out that I shouldn’t have to worry so much. Both Natalie and Simon are very professional and kind in what they are doing. They are from Poland by the way. Do You remember our last trip to Gdańsk?” Asked Olivia. “Yes, of course I remember. We need to repeat it! But, tell me more about tattooing?


Did it hurt or something?


Flora was extremely interested in it. Deep inside her, she also wanted to get a tattoo and she wanted to know as much as possible. “Ok! So .. Natalie prepared a couple sizes of the design on a paper, and after a while we chose the middle one. A bit bigger than I originally thought, but it was a good choice. It gave more space to make the details. Then she reflected it on my forearm.” – Pizza arrived, but Olivia continued – ‘’ She left to prepare the tattoo machine and rest things, You know, ink, needle and so on and I had time to feel the project. I played around with it. Bent my arm, twist and stretch to see how it changes with the body. I liked it, approved and said that I am ready to start!’’ – Olivia sipped the juice and ate one slice of pizza. It is always good to eat something after the tattoo session and of course to chill out. Olivia was in fact very happy about the after care recommendations. No training for a while, no running. Yes, now she has a nice excuse to be just a little bit lazy. 


“What about the pain, did it hurt?” Asked Flora. 


“Not as much as I thought, at first almost nothing, maybe I felt something during the last 30 minutes. It was totally bearable. I was listening to the HubermanLab podcast and time just went by. I didn’t even know when” – Answered Olivia. “When Natalie told me that the tattoo is ready I was shocked! Then I saw it! I was amazed! Exactly that kind of art I was looking for! Stunning and beautiful! Later, Natalie made a couple of pictures. I felt like a tattoo model for a while, it was nice. She wrapped the fresh tattoo with some special, waterproof, breathing foil. You know that I can even take a shower with it? “ – Asked Olivia. “Cool stuff!” – Replied Flora. She seems to be at least as excited about the whole thing as Olivia. “And, basically that was it. Oh, I almost forgot! Then I had a short lecture, with basics about hygienic protocol and healing process, but to be sure I will check it again on their website. But it seems to be easy, I just need to remember to not SCRATCH it! It might be a challenge! Then, I said a million times Thank You and left to see You” – Said Olivia. “You make me feel like I wanna get a tattoo also” – Flora couldn’t think about anything else but tattoos, designs and how she will hide it from her parents! They finished their meals and went home. 


First days were easy.


Nothing happened, the foil stayed on the skin. There was no allergic reaction ( Allergic reactions are extremely rare, please don’t worry about them in advance. But if You see that Your skin is red, itchy or You see/feel something. Immediately remove the foil, even before recommended time. Wait until the allergic reaction calms down and apply the tiny layer of cream. In such a case, after You put the cream, cover the tattoo with normal, plastic food foil. You need to change the plastic foil every couple of hours, wash that place and apply a new layer of cream. That’s important ).


Olivia almost forgot that she had a session. 


Skin wasn’t even too irritated and the Dermalize foil turned out to be extremely convenient. Then finally came the day to take off the foil. As with the instructions, Olivia first washed her hands, then gently, and slowly started removing the foil. She did it under the lukewarm water, because it was smoother. With excitement, she gave her Poppies tattoo first glaze! She smiled with satisfaction and feeling of maybe a bit pride, a bit happiness and a bit of that special feeling inside You, when You get Your first tattoo and it looks exactly the way You wanted to. When the tattoo was clean and dry she applied a tiny layer of cream.


“Part one done” 


She thought – “Just repeat it after 3-4 hours, take care of it, try to avoid my pet and I think I will be fine.” Indeed, as Olivia heard in the Vadelma Studio, the healing process was very easy and pleasant. When the skin started to recover, some small parts of epidermis peeled off, but not even too much. At that point it was a challenge to not touch and scratch it, she felt a bit of itchiness here and there. But a human being can stand every inconvenience to have the tattoo beautifully healed. 


No working out was a relief and no sauna turned out to be doable.


After one week the tattoo looks like it was healed, but Olivia decided to follow the instructions for the whole 2 weeks ( the safest time for healing is 4 weeks, depending on many, many factors, however if skin is in a good condition the actual time might be shorter ). You know, just in case. It was worth it! The tattoo looks amazing! Even Olivia’s grandparents, the kind of people who strongly consider tattoos are only for prisoners and tough guys, in fact really like it! Both agreed that these poppies look like anything they saw in their lives.


Olivia’s Grannie thought that it was not a real tattoo for a while!


She couldn’t believe it! “Oh! Let me bring the soap and wash it! It must have been some kind of sticker or painting!” -Said Granny with a belief. But Olivia explained with patience, that nowadays such tattoos are possible, when You find a good artist of course. Who will ever think that tattoos could connect the generations? That’s the beauty of art in every form! 


With love, 

Vadelma Team 


“Tattoos that matter for people who care” 


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