Simon Vadelma


Get to know Simon Vadelma!


I am Simon. Nice to meet You! I am Your new Tattooer for text tattoos. I hope we’ll meet at some point in the future, ideally for a tattoo session? But before that, let me tell You something about me. 


Getting a tattoo is a big deal.


It is also a good idea to choose the right person to do it for You. A person that will understand Your needs and is fully engaged in the process. Not someone who treats this profession only as a source of income and has no passion for it. By reading this blog – I hope You will know me better and understand what drove me to make the most beautiful text tattoos! 


Few Facts Check : 


– I was born in Poland in the mid 90’

– Studied civil engineering

– Involved in Tattoos ever since

– Married 

– Second passion is music ( playing, listening, collecting ) 


I decided to focus on text tattoos because


I believe that there is too little attention towards them. You don’t see many tattooers focusing only on it. On the other hand most of the people who have at least one tattoo, have somewhere a text tattooed as well. People decide to get a tattoo with their favorite sentences, words that remind them of loved ones, or some motivations for everyday life. Such important things – words – something that connects us – human beings –  with ourselves, other people, our past, present, future, and it is so hard to find someone who has the proper attitude while making it. For me it is not a “quick and easy” job to make in the meantime.


For me it is the reason why I started tattooing. 


Talking with people on the appointments, or via emails prior to the session. I often hear stories behind the words, why they decided to get exactly those kinds of letters and why it is so important for them. Sometimes, I have an impression that this tattoo might be their most important one, and I also try to make the moment of getting inked special for them. That the time in the tattoo studio will be almost magical. An experience that is worth remembering! 


Why do I have the right skills to make text tattoos? 


During my studies in Poland I spent lots of time doing technical drawing by hand using a special pen. No, it is not a joke. At my university it was very common and believe me, I wasn’t studying in the early XX century. But now, for the first time in my life I see the benefits of it. I use those skills while making tattoos. Stable hand, ability to make it straight and patience is crucial in that style. 


Why did I start working as a tattooer ?  


I fell in love with tattoos as a teenager. I spend as much time in the tattoo studio as possible, going with every older friend or family member for a session, asking questions, watching the whole process and being in awe! For a long time I had in my head that idea/vision to become a tattoo artist, but somehow I didn’t.  In my case it wasn’t that wonderful social media story, where someone was born with a tattoo machine in hand and started to make tattoos in kindergarten. It took me more time and courage and kind people around me. Thank You!


Everything changed when I met Natalie Vadelma.


She is a great artist and a great person. Her drawing skills are my all time favorite. She really can draw! She draws with love and You can see it in her art works That accuracy and precision is truly admirable. Thanks to her I didn’t give up my dreams and together we are making Vadelma! But dreams, plans are one thing. You need to create a vision, to know where to go. But after that, there is hard work and commitment. Now, I am in the hard-work mode! And I will stay there. It is a never ending story of development and creativity.


See You in the Studio!



“Tattoos that matter for people who care”


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